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  •  Interactive magazines offer you the opportunity to attract and engage the attention of your target audience though the use of interactive links to websites, social media sites, references, or contact information; as well as slideshow tools and YouTube or vimeo videos for instant viewing, including a video interview option for companies being featured.
  • Trackable Results! Call to learn more! • E-blasts, Press Releases and Webcasts allow you instant exposure to your key audience - for a fraction of the price of most e-blast service providers. • Advertisers operating in more than one State or Country have the opportunity to brand themselves internationally. • Our digitial magazines are “LIVE” long after they publish and therefore each magazine is accessible for years - allowing your brand long-term exposure.This allows your advertising dollars to go much, much further... and for a lot less dollars!

THE OPPORTUNITIES ARE LIMITLESS! FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW TO ADVERTISE, PLEASE EMAIL: or schedule an appointment to speak with the CEO herself at this link: Appt with CEO